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How we, the people, can beat Corona....

Our existing government has its roots deep in a history in which a small group of privileged individuals decided the best way forward. Their motivation was always their own betterment. In times of duress these roots become more obvious. So those who are supposed to be leading us .... dictate to us.

I'd suggest that with a little education, a bit of discussion and the use of the internet. The general population could solve this issue together, without the intervention of the government.

Imagine that a couple of days before they became contagious an individual developed a large pink growth on their forehead. Beneath that two hairy globules that almost obscured their vision. And, most importantly this would happen if they had symptoms or not.

The virus cannot spread if there is no one around to pass it to. A virus that had this kind of effect would be gone from society within two weeks even if it was ten times as contagious as the corona virus. If you woke up with a massive cock and balls on your forehead you'd self isolate; and if you did venture outside you can be damn sure others would keep their distance.

So step one. Everyone has to get it in to their head that for the next two (shall we say three?) weeks we treat everyone else as if they have the plague. And also we should imagine that it's almost definite that we could have it too.

Step two would be consequences. The next person too die will be the one that you rely on the most. Imagine that and act appropriately.

Step three. Clean and shiny. The virus does not like it when things are clean. Wash your hands, wipe down surfaces. Clean stuff that others have touched. Wipe stuff that you touched or breathed on. Be happy when you can smell disinfectant. Insist on others being scrupulously clean.

Step four. The main way that the virus is moved through the community is in the air we have breathed. You breath on others and you breath on stuff. So don't. When you are near others or close to things that others might touch don't breath on them/it! Sorry confused? Wear a mask!!

And when you see someone not complying, shout, point, shame, embarrass. And join in with such efforts, we need to make non-compliance socially unacceptable.

Lastly we need to insist that the media and our politicians support our efforts. We must insist that the media backs what we want done and does not seek to undermine or pick holes in it. We must tell our politicians to work to support what we intend on doing. We must insist that they stop squabbling about what they think might be wrong and get on with creating the systems that will be required if we are to properly fight the virus.

The government telling us what to do, while they are so clearly not in agreement, is not going to work. We must have consensus.

I don't think this needs to be overly complicated, but I'm sure their are plenty out there who can offer simple amendments to the above that would make it all more functional. I'd love to hear from them.

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